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HUNGRY EYE is on an insatiable search for original and exceptional image-making in every aspect and every discipline. It’s what we’re about at Hungry Eye.

Issue 12.

Issue 12.

From b/w analogue stills to eye-popping music videos, and from short films made on a shoestring to full-length movies shot with the latest technology, we tell the story of the creative process, exploring both the making and the meaning of the image(s) in question.

HUNGRY EYE showcases the work of artists driven to push their creativity further and deeper than their contemporaries, those innovators whose work poses the most thought-provoking questions. We scrutinise the sparks of their inspiration and chart the unfolding journeys frame by frame.

HUNGRY EYE explores the narrow, deep channels that exist between stillness and movement, silence and sound, and art and “action”. Our expert contributors discuss how to cross these disciplinary divides without diluting one’s artistic spirit. We accept that you need to pay the bills, but don’t believe that you have to sell out to do so.

Carefully curated and beautifully printed on thick, uncoated paper, HUNGRY EYE reports back from the frontiers and hinterlands of image-making so that you can see what we see.

HUNGRY EYE re-presents the work of of those in documentary, fashion and art image-making, and discusses the conception and production of music videos, short films and full-length movies with their directors and DoPs. We explore the work of those who flit between these photographic fields, consider the skills required to pull this trick off and ponder the portability of aesthetic principles. We’re also on hand to capture the formative experiences of distinctive image-makers and weigh-up those technological Eureka moments that have the potential to empower greater digital creativity.

We aim to inform and inspire, to provide a path through the neural chicanery of the creative process, to equip image-makers with the tools needed to travel from 1 to 24 frames per second (and beyond), and to illuminate the most pressing aesthetic issues facing photographers today. We do this by talking to those operating at the periphery of image-making and by talking about what they bring back with them.

Think profiles, monologues, extensive feature interviews, in-depth book reviews, original opinions, eclectic writing – and page after page of stop-and-stare photography & motion stills.

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