Art Is For Everybody

Impossible hit us again with possibly their best collaboration yet… Welcome the Keith Haring film!

“Overflowing with raw energy, Keith Haring’s art taps into the unbridled electricity of the human spirit, drawing from the same passion for life and creativity that informed Polaroid’s original vision. Our latest collaborative film pays tribute to Haring’s enduring belief that “art is for everybody”. Each shot places your photos in one of two frames adorned with Haring’s dynamic and energetic figures.” – Impossible

Keith’s work is iconic and our Luke & Mandy couldn’t wait to use it on a shoot they already had planned with their DSLR’s in an abandoned house in Essex, England. Truly lost in time.

They are firm believers that everything happens for a reason and the Haring Film complimented the feel of the shoot perfectly. They used the film intermittently, in between creating their main imagery, allowing for more candid captures.

“We just love working with Impossible film. Not just because of the quality but they constantly surprise us with their new colours and collaborations. We are always waiting in eager anticipation to see what they come up with next.”

You can purchase the Keith Haring film here.

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