Canon Announces New Fully Integrated Brand Re-Launch Across Europe

Canon has today launched across 19 European markets ‘Live for the story’ in a bid to shift perception of the company amongst a younger audience – a new brand proposition for the consumer and professional imaging business across Europe.



This campaign sees Canon’s new brand proposition take centre stage across all communications and encourages people to find special memories in all moments of their life, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Canon Senior Director – CIG Marketing, Lee Bonniface said: “‘Live for the story’ is an industry defining approach developed to completely change the way that people view Canon. The shift sees Canon cement itself as a storytelling brand, ensuring that every output from its entire ecosystem and product portfolio helps consumers to tell their story.”

Led by London-based agencies, VCCP and PHD, the campaign features real-life scenarios created to intrigue viewers to want to know more about the story behind the picture and is set to be rolled out across TV, DOOH, Cinema, CRM, Retail, VOD, PR, media partnerships and Social.

The first four weeks from launch will focus on the brand proposition of ‘Live for the story’ with TV, Cinema and DOOH media booked to ensure maximum reach and build relevance amongst a new, younger audience.

As part of this launch, Canon is looking for someone to travel the world, identifying 365 global stories. The PR and Social campaign, entitled ‘365 Days of Summer’, will be led by famous storyteller, Zoë Kravitz. Supported by CRM for both existing and new audiences, fans are being encouraged to share their stories of summer using the hashtag #LiveForTheStory to be in with a chance of winning. The successful candidate will chase summer all over the world, visiting destinations from Lisbon to Melbourne to Brazil, curating their own story of the summer.

200 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, and 95 million videos and photos are uploaded to Instagram, every single day. As a result, the art of storytelling is getting lost in an ocean of selfies, cats and infamous avocado brunches.

“Remaining relevant in an industry that is constantly shifting and evolving is exciting, and something we are embracing to enable us to reach a younger audience”, said Mr Bonniface. “Here at Canon we offer so much more than just photography. We print memories, we save memories and we help to make memories with apps such as Lifecake. Experiences are what matters and this is where our focus is. ‘Live for the story’ has been developed to inspire people to do just that. Through every element of Canon’s repositioning we are encouraging people to be ready to capture stories they are creating every day.”

To ensure that a new, younger audience is engaged, a full influencer and advocacy strategy has been developed across all European markets. Always-on retargeting marketing will also be in place from 17th May in the form of display banners and social media. This will ensure that relevant marketing is targeted to the right people at the right time with the utmost efficiency.

Stephen Bates, Managing Director at Canon UK said: “Every moment has the potential to be important, even more so in the summer when we are open to new challenges and experiences. We are on the hunt for someone to inspire us, to help us ‘Live For The Story’ every day and ensure none of us miss those special moments.”

Applicants who think they have what it takes to inspire people to find their own stories can apply by sharing their most memorable summer story on Instagram, tagging @CanonUK and #LiveForTheStory. For full T&Cs visit