DJI & SkyPixel Aeriel Photography Competition: Australia From Above

SkyPixel has launched its first national aerial photography contest to showcase the natural beauty of Australia as seen from a drone’s point-of-view


The Australia From Above contest, sponsored by DJI and Tourism Australia, aims to inspire aerial photographers from around the world to share, enjoy and experience new creative perspectives of Australia. The contest is open from March 3 to May 2 and welcomes professionals and enthusiasts alike to share their visions of the country. Danny Zheng, DJI Vice President of Marketing said: “Australia is a stunning, diverse country, from the inspiring expanse of its pristine white beaches to the raw power of its rich, red outback. Capturing these landscapes from above enables photographers to see Australia’s remarkable beauty in a completely new way, and we can’t wait to see the amazing images from inspired aerial creators.

The Australia From Above Grand Prize consists of a DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo drone package, a three-day journey to Lord Howe island for two and a three-day journey to Kangaroo island for two. Meanwhile, runners-up have a chance to win a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, a Mavic Pro drone and one of 10 Osmo Mobile handheld smartphone stabilised gimbals. Winning entries will also be showcased on the SkyPixel website as well as to DJI’s millions of fans and followers across its social media platforms.

The judging panel includes a select jury of renowned photographers and influencers including:

  • Kirk Hille, Australian photographer and winner of SkyPixel’s 2015 global photography contest
  • Mike O’Connor, Editor of Australian Photography
  • Lisa Ronson, Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Australia
  • Tom Rex Jessett, professional travelling photographer

Lisa Ronson, Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Australia, also commented: “Drone photography is gaining huge popularity in Australia, with the country home to a rising number of very talented aerial photographers. Advances in technology are enabling us to tell Australia’s story in ways previously not possible, and the levels of engagement we get when we share some of these amazing drone clips on our social channels is just extraordinary. It’s really exciting to be part of a competition which provides such a great platform for this new generation of content creators to capture the rich colours, patterns and textures of Australia’s diverse landscape and share this with the rest of the world.”

To learn more about the contest and submit entries, go to the Skypixel website.







DJI & SkyPixel Ariel Photo Competition: Australia From Above