DJI’s Osmo Mobile: A Mobile Must-Have

DJI, as we know well, are much better known as a maker of drones. In fact, they are global market leaders by some fair way, leaving pretty much every other manufacturer in their wake, since the tech really took off. A company with a keen eye on how best to exploit their tech, they have announced the all-new Osmo Mobile

Now of course, we’ve seen the Osmo before; the first incarnation coming with its own camera but still required the user to have a smartphone handy for monitoring footage. In what seems like a complete master-stroke, DJI have adapted the Osmo, making it compatible with smartphones, utilising bluetooth connectivity, the phone’s camera and the screen too.


All of this, of course, culminates in a considerable price drop and therefore a more accessible device for videographers of all levels.


Hungry Eye will be getting hands on with the new Osmo Mobile during Photokina, later this month, so you can expect test shots and our review to be posted here soon.

Key features of the Osmo Mobile include:

  • Three-axis stabilization
  • Intelligent SmoothTrack
  • User-friendly DJI GO App with powerful functions (including ActiveTrack, Motion Time lapse, Live Stream, Panorama, Long Exposure, Camera Settings)
  • Trigger control (double-tap for re-center, triple-tap to change between front and rear-end camera, long press for locking gimbal direction)
  • Different operation modes (Standard, Portrait, Flashlight and Underslung)
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 5 mm Charging/Upgrade Port
  • Compatible with DJI Osmo accessories

The Osmo Mobile comes in at £289 and is available now!


See below to watch DJI’s official launch video for the Osmo Mobile






DJI’s Osmo Mobile: A Mobile Must-Have