FXhome showcases
pro video effects
and editing on a budget

A new short video shows how blockbuster effects can be achieved even in low-budget productions.

The attention-grabbing short was created using new video editing software, HitFilm 2 from FXhome. It showcases a range of stunning effects woven into the outdoor scenes using its revolutionary editing tools.

The movie, created for FXhome’s fast-growing international community of amateur and professional filmmakers, blends a range of scenes showing how creative ideas can be brought to life using the HitFilm2.

Tom McLoughlin, FXhome’s Marketing Manager, said: “The video was made the same way our HitFilm users around the world work – with a small budget and crew and lots of creativity. The video captures the core vision of the HitFilm project, which is to create a hugely powerful toolkit for all filmmakers with all post-production completed in HitFilm 2 itself.”

Directed by Martin Swift and shot by Jake Scott, the project combined years of experience on commercials with indie run-and-gun tactics to achieve high production values that would normally demand a budget ten times what was spent.

The proudly showcases FXhome’s roots through its locations in Norfolk, England and the involvement of quintessentially British dance troupe the Bo Nanafana Social Club. The Norfolk music scene also contributed to the video, with music by The Vagaband blending with composer Michael Powell’s original score.

Post-production was completed in-house using HitFilm 2 software, from editing to visual effects. Many sequences in the video required new techniques and features that had only recently been implemented in the HitFilm 2 pre-release build, encouraging FXhome’s visual effects artists to push the software further than ever before.

Even the UFO and helicopter sequences were composited entirely inside HitFilm 2 Ultimate using its unique new 3D model capabilities. Keeping so much of the video’s post-production inside a single software product enabled a particularly fast workflow, enabling rapid iteration of shots.

With HitFilm 2 already being discovered by thousands of new filmmakers every month, the new promo video is set to broaden that awareness even further.

The short film can be viewed on FXhome’s HitFilm.com website at http://community.hitfilm.com/index.php?/blog/1/entry-238-presenting-the-hitfilm-2-trailer along with behind-the-scenes material.

To find out more about HitFilm 2, visit http://hitfilm2.wordpress.com/