Great Britons of Photography Vol.1: The Dench Dozen

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Great Britons of Photography Vol.1: The Dench Dozen

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Peter Dench’s regular feature, The Diary of a Sometime Working Pro, has been one of the only constants in the Hungry Eye Journal since its inception. Peter’s natural, insightful and often brutally honest accounts of forging a career in image-making, make for compelling reading and are often the first words that you will read in any given edition.



The ‘Great Britons of Photography’ project was born through many and various conversations with Peter and led to him travelling, spending time with and ultimately producing ‘in conversation’ pieces with the first round of Great British photographers that he considers to be among the most important and influential currently gracing our planet.


Great Britons of Photography Vol.1 Includes

  • Jocelyn Bain Hogg
  • Marcus Bleasdale
  • Harry Borden
  • John Bulmer
  • Chris Floyd
  • Brian Griffin
  • Laura Pannack
  • Martin Parr
  • Tom Stoddart
  • Homer Sykes
  • Anastasia Taylor-Lind
  • Peter Dench [naturally]


The Dench dozen - Chris Floyd



Great Britons of Photography Vol.1: The Dench Dozen
ISBN: 978-0-9926405-2-1
160 pages: [inner]
Heavyweight, Case-bound hard-back, with over 80 full-colour and B&W photographs
Limited Edition: 500 copies of First Edition
Available from: 31st October 2016
Price: £50



The Dench dozen - Harry Borden

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