Hungry Eye Creative Advertising

Hungry Eye Creative Advertising

Hungry Eye Magazine has an audience with a passion for creative imagery and the story behind the lens. Our clients realise this and  advertise with Hungry Eye to reach out to our audience with high quality display and creative advertising .

From analogue photography to pop videos, and from short films made on a shoestring to full-length movies shot with the latest technology, we tell the story of the creative process, exploring both the making and the meaning of the image(s) in question.

HUNGRY EYE magazine showcases the work of those artists driven to push their creativity further and deeper than their contemporaries, those pathfinders whose work poses the most thought-provoking questions. We scrutinise the sparks of brilliance behind these daring and radical aesthetic departures and chart the ensuing journey frame by frame.

Our audience is yours

The Head of Commercial Business and Directors of Life Media Group are available to meet with you to discuss how we can help your develop your brand and target new customers. Hungry Eye exists across multiple platforms, available to you for sponsorship and advertising.

Please contact us directly to discuss your needs and how we can help:

Elliott Mansfield (Commercial Manager) / 01323 819012





Hungry Eye Magazine is a separate business and is not formally linked to Hungry Eye Limited or Hungry Eyes Limited.