Hungry Eye Review: “Running a Successful Photography Business”

Running a Successful Photography Business coverEditor-in-Chief, Luke Woodford reviews the book, “Running a Successful Photography Business” for Hungry Eye Journal…

“I was completely blown away by the sheer knowledge and information in this book. It covers literally everything you need to know about running a photography business.

The chapter starts off with the necessary basics with questions like ‘What is My Business?’ A great and important start for anyone who is seriously interested in this book. Through my experience of the industry, one thing that I have seen countless people struggle on is promotion. Lisa tackles this in one of my favourite chapters – Twenty Ways To Get Noticed’. The things I personally hate most about the the business side of things is the business terms and contacts. Again the level of detail that this chapter covers is nothing short of perfect. One of the things I loved the most was how current it is. Social media is explain in great detail which is so key in the area that we are in. All of the relevant social media platforms are covered expensively.

I can go on and on about the detail but this is what this book is. An extremely detailed and comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about running a successful photography business. So much so that it even has templates. I recommend this to anyone starting out but also to people who also have a business and are looking to improve their knowledge and skills.”
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Hungry Eye Review: “Running a Successful Photography Business”