Hungry Eye Journal Welcomes New Editor in Chief


Hungry Eye Journal welcomes Luke Woodford to the team as Editor in Chief!

A bit about Luke…

After 23 years of life and constantly striving to find the right path for him, Luke randomly picked up a camera in the summer of 2008. The first 6 months were spent learning the basics with portraits and weddings. Luke instantly fell in love with photography and started to explore other genres. One thing that has stayed constant throughout his career is his interest in humans. It’s only in more recent times that Luke has actually started to create photos without the form of people.

In 2014, Luke met the love of his Life, Mandee. Quickly after meeting, Luke started photographing his talented girlfriend and model. They adored the art they created together and decided to start their own series named ‘Two Souls’. This quickly evolved into their own complete brand. These days, over 80% of the photos are of Mandee. Now married, the creative duo spend their lives travelling, creating art in any and every way their journey takes them – shooting for brands and magazines across the world. Later this year Luke & Mandee have their solo exhibition at one of the most exclusive places in London, Grace Belgravia.

In late 2016 Luke started partnering with Zeiss on photoshoots. He has always admired their lenses and viewed them as the best in the world. Luke says the quality is above anything he has ever come across and they really enhance the quality of the imagery he creates. This relationship quickly evolved into Luke becoming a fully fledged ambassador earlier this year. Luke has been a dedicated reader and fan of Hungry Eye Magazine since it’s inception, so becoming a part of the team was no difficult choice. He looks forward to showcasing the very best in photography and film from across the planet in the years to come and enhancing the brand however he can through his own creative expression.