Impossible X Eley Kishimoto Collab Film

Eley-Kishimoto-Product-ShotBack in the mid-90s, Mark Eley and Wakaso Kishimoto produced their first collection, featuring numerous eye-catching print designs. Now nearly 20 years on, Eley Kishimoto’s Flash print has become an icon of the fashion and design industry. Flash now exists in many diverse iterations across the globe, on clothing, cases, furniture, motorcycle helmets and motorcycles themselves – even on a windmill and a zebra crossing. Similar to Impossible, Eley Kishimoto appreciate the value of analog technique in a world that rushes to digital shortcuts.

The duo have now joined forces on a necessary special edition collaborative film using the monochrome Flash print, offering  the perfect complement to Impossible’s high contrast black and white formula. This limited run film is part of an ongoing series of collaborations with people and brands from fashion, to art and music – makers and creatives who share Impossible’s analog sensibility: a love of quality, craftsmanship, and the tactile nature of things made to last, to be kept and treasured.

Mark Eley, Founder of Eley Kishimoto said: “Instant photography is a media we have always loved for its spontaneity and the honesty of no post-editing that captures moments truly. We are personally very excited to have the beautiful images in our life again, better still, framed by our Flash print with the Impossible x Eley Kishimoto collaboration. We look forward to sharing the joy with the rest of the world.”

Eley Kishimoto have made their mark in many unexpected places, and now they have brought Flash to Impossible’s original format instant photo frame – itself a timeless piece of design history.