The I-1 Camera & App system gets an update, improving performance and photographic control in a wide array of shooting conditions.

The Impossible Project has introduced the most significant update yet to its I-1 Camera & App system, since its launch in May 2016. The I-1 is the first camera in over a decade for the original Polaroid® format, and the first ever instant camera to work with a companion App for iOS & Android. Photographers can connect their smartphone to the camera via Bluetooth, then use the App to access a variety of creative tools, including a built-in light meter, which now uses your smartphone’s display to review the light in a scene before shooting. The light meter acts as a guide for making adjustments in the App’s Manual Mode, so you can make beautiful, well-lit photos in a wide variety of shooting conditions – it’s a level of control and photographic precision which sets the I-1 apart from any other instant camera.
“We strongly believe an instant camera is the only compelling photography offering beyond your phone. We wanted to use the power of the smartphone to make it even more capable, and allow experienced photographers – including those who are new to instant – to take their photography to the next level.” says Impossible CEO Oskar Smolokowski
With the I-1 App’s Manual Mode feature, users can adjust their camera’s shutter speed, aperture, focus distance and flash strength. It’s perfect for atmospheric portraiture and landscape shots, or capturing trails of city light in long nighttime exposures. The App also lets you use your phone to draw loops and waves of light onto a photo, or to superimpose two images onto a single piece of instant film for a dreamlike, unreal effect. A shot can even be triggered by making a loud noise – to capture a glass at the moment it shatters, or a portrait at the moment a laugh rings out. The App is not only a creative tool, but also a practical one. It turns a smartphone into a remote trigger or self-timer for the camera, so you can stay in the frame for a group shot or self-portrait. Then when an analog photo is fully developed, you can use the App to digitally scan it for easy online sharing and record-keeping.
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