Hungry Eye – Issue 12 – Vol.1

Hungry Eye regular and award-winning photojournalist Peter Dench bends the rules in this popular column. Peter’s comical & sometimes beer-fuelled travels lift the lid on making a living in the photojournalism industry. Peter then conducts a ‘Waiting for Godot’ style interview with ex-Vice Magazine Editor & photographer Richard Kern, exploring his work and making attempts to catch up with the man himself.

Hold Steady. Simon Skinner discovers the journey undertaken by Garrett Brown, inventor of Steadicam, his working with Kubrick & Stallone. Includes exclusive interview with Garrett.

We’re treated to a monologue from Benjamin R Haizelden where he explains his approach to the recent ‘An Orange upon a Table’. Benjamin explains how he approached the project with little time, little planning and in a bid to force a different procedure of working with haste whilst retaining the narrative.

Technical Editor Tim Pellat explains the latest technology  unveiled at IBC in Amsterdam – the pitfalls and expectations and asks the question, ‘are we ready for 4K’?

Hungry Eye’s web editor and regular contributor, Zephie Bogolo, explores the popularity & subsequent resurgence t of Black & White image making, visiting festival Recontres d’Arles in the south of France: Arles in black in the process for her piece ‘The New Black’.

In this issue’s library, we discover new collections from Brassai, 100 works of art that will define our age, Eyemazing and Elliott Erwit’s Kolor.

Hungry Eye – Issue 12 – Vol.1