Issue 10

Issue 10

Roger Ballen Shoots Die Antwoord

In Hungry Eye Issue 10, we talk with Roger Ballen, an American geologist by profession who made his photographic mark by shooting the people and towns of his adopted South African homeland but has now turned his eyes resolutely inwards to plumb the depths of the human psyche. Roger charts the deepening of his vision, and also reveals how he worked on a music video for South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord without abandoning his “one-frame aesthetic”.


We interview James Balog

A man on a mission who’s using time-lapse images of shrinking glaciers to shock us out of our environmental complacency. In stark contrast to this slow, steady frame-rate documentation, Peter Jackson made use of the some of the most powerful cameras currently available to shoot The Hobbit at 48 frames per second. Hungry Eye’s Peter Silverton considers these developments in issue 10 and also what they reveal about the workings of the eye and the processes of the organ it’s wired up to.


No Budget Film

We also catch up with award-winning news photographer Brad Wakefield as well as first-time filmmaker Fabrizio Federico, who shot a feature film on a budget of precisely nothing.


Diary of a Sometime Working Pro

Hungry Eye Contributing Editor Peter Dench delivers his ‘Diary of a Sometime Working Pro’, this time trying to blag a role in the Sun’s Dear Diedre photo-story, trawling the punch-drunk streets of Plymouth at closing time and visiting Santa in Finland.



All of this plus a look at books that explore the role of fashion editors and, by extension, photographers at Vogue, showcase some of the earliest and also most recent work of celebrated photographer Paul Graham, and present a walk down Rodeo Drive in 1984 through the lens of Anthony Hernandez.


Put it all together and you have 100 pages of inspiring images and creative insights for photographers and filmmakers everywhere. Hungry Eye Issue 10 is available now.