Issue 23

This issue of Hungry Eye hits on some emotive, poignant and undeniably intriguing topics; all of which translate into truly beautiful expressions of film and photography. Alongside our usual features, such as the Dench Diary, and the Library – filled with a black and white collection from David Bailey and Sebastião Salgado’s documentation of Kuwait in crisis – we hear Thomas Meadmore’s story about his newest film, The Cancer Conflict. The Australian producer and filmmaker has had a fulfilling and varied career, now striding head first into the emotionally impacting world of cancer treatment. His newest project tackles the polarisation of opinion between a medical (and more socially accepted) form of treatment, and less conventional treatments.

Fear can be overcome, but most would say throwing yourself into the fear is a risky strategy. We speak to photographer, Jean-Marie Ghislain who overcame his fear of sharks by diving deep, coming up with a range of photographs that capture these monsters of the ocean at their most natural and beautiful. Using only natural light, the images produced from the hours of underwater dives are no mean feat.

Rotolight and Leica Ambassador, Mark Mann, talks us through his photoshoot with top A-List celebrities at Sundance Film Festival, producing some impressive photographs of the likes of Jack Black, Margot Robbie, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Read about his experiences behind the scenes with both the subjects and equipment. Elsewhere in this issue, we take a good look at John Malkovich with portrait photographer, Sandro, whose collaborative images with the actor has provided some well-earned acclaim, whilst also featuring an exclusive telling from cinematographer, Harris Zambarloukos about his newest partnership with Mick Jackson to bring Denial to the screen.

We hope your hungry eyes are satisfied.