Vol: 3, Issue: 1

Here it is – the first issue of Volume three for your viewing pleasure.

In this issue: Peter Dench returns to kick things off with the latest instalment of the ‘Diary of a Sometime Working Pro’.

Editor at Large, Jake Cunningham speaks with Dusdin Condren, an American photographer whose low-fi warm analogue photographs have lent themselves to a number of bands for album cover art

Chris Patmore catches up with Michael Putland about his halcyon days of music and concert photography in ‘Rolling with the Stones’.

Mickey Smith describes what it is to lead the life of a photographer who spends most of his time in a wetsuit in ‘Dark Side of the Lens’.

Nicky Bonne talks to Hungry Eye about his inspirations, photographing Hollywood’s finest, and the changing landscape of the modern ‘‘photographer’.

Paul Hardy-Carter explains his work and the origin of his concept of ‘The Constant Eye’.

After gaining success photographing RadioheadSeb Edge tells us a bit more about himself and the camera

Hungry Eye picks the bones of Tom Olham’s latest project which sees him shoot some of the biggest UK acts right before they go onstage and the very second they come off for the charity Warchild.

And our HOT SHOT in this issue is Samuel Lang Budin, who’s street photography brings a rich, saturated look at some of unseen America.









Vol: 3, Issue: 1