Vol: Four, Issue: 2

As we round off another year, we take stock of a brand new edition. 

Issue 2 of Volume 4 has landed at Hungry Eye Towers and we’re excited to offer your copy, beautifully packaged and delivered  by Royal Mail.

In this issue – Ian Brown of the Stone Roses graces the cover courtesy of northern scenester Ant Mulryan. His feature explores what it means to follow your passions as an image-maker. Spending countless hours trawling music venues in the north of England, Ant has amassed an enviable archive of largely unpublished work. Work that for the first time, appears here in Hungry Eye.

Elsewhere in the issue, Peter Dench’s diary continues to follow the exploits of the ‘sometime working pro’ in his regular diary piece. Oscar-winning Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, best known for his work with directors such as Bernardo Bertolucci and Francis Ford Coppola is interviewed and we take a very first look at the murky world of film funding as the ever-evolving world of tax breaks continues to shape the film industry.

Aidan McCarthy shares with us his experiences of NYC shortly after the Twin Towers were struck and the resulting images that he shot whilst on a commercial project.

Sound recordist Julian Wallinger talks us through the ever-present and always evolving world of audio capture. His sometimes near-death experiences whilst being tethered to camera operators gives us all food for thought and makes us grateful for wireless connections and for the smaller/lighter devices that can now be used to great effect.

All of this and a great deal more – in stores now but available at the Hungry Eye store (i.e. here) for less than the cover price!





Vol: Four, Issue: 2