Vol: three, Issue: 2

Possibly the loudest image to grace the cover of Hungry Eye. Vasilisa Forbes’ project ‘WAX’ is undeniably striking. A hugely interesting talent, Vasilisa works across a multitude of mediums, including film and photography and in this issue she explains her intent to highlight the representation of women in media and the arts.

Elsewhere in the issue, we learn of regular contributor Peter Dench’s exploits in the latest installment of the Dench Diary; which sees him gaining a VVIP (Very, Very Important Person) wristband.

Sean Ellis talks to us about producing a film against all odds and on a shoestring, only to see it continue to gain numerous accolades through festival season. A true story of grit and determination, which should teach us all a lesson in tenacity.

Legendary SoCal Hardcore/Punk producer SPOT, shares a number of images collated from the late ‘60s. Having spent a great deal of time documenting the burgeoning roller-skate, skateboarding and music scenes, his archive presents itself as a window into the SoCal psyche of that time.

Regular contributor Chris Patmore talks to Dick Pope about his work on Mr. Turner and his very beginnings as a cameraman and we talk to Nicolas Bolduc, Denis Villeneuve and Jake Glenhaal about making The Enemy.

Technical Editor Tim Pellat observes everything that’s new & shiny, whilst looking more closely at the beast that is the URSA from Blackmagic and our Hot Shot in this issue is Tommy Clarke.

In the Library: Derek Jarman’s Super 8, one Day Young, Experimental Photography and Robert Doisneau.