Vol: two, Issue: 2

Here it is!

Issue 2 of Vol. 2 has landed.

In this issue we inadvertently focus on the topic of colour. That’s ‘colour’, not ‘color’… Get it?

We cover the careers of a smattering of pioneers in the world of colour photography, including the incredible New York street photography of Saul Leiter and speak with Tomas Leach on the subject of his documentary of the great man. After discovering his work through his time at Fabrica and his commercial film work, Tomas had been compelled to meet the man behind such fascinating work. This led to a three year relationship  and ultimately a bond with Saul that will stand the test of time through his documentary/feature, shot through what turned out to be the final years of Saul’s brilliant life and work.

Elsewhere in the issue, #Dench Diaryist, regular contributor and friend of Hungry Eye; Peter Dench, spends some time with John Bulmer. Himself a pioneer in his younger years, of working with colour, John speaks with Peter about his work and approach over what has been a long standing and significant career.

Our technical editor Tim Pellat talks us through the finer points of colouration in the film making process and unearths some key technical info in the process.

We explore the roots of the (now extremely popular) ‘abandoned fashion’ movement with one of its pioneers – Luke Woodford. Himself, a much published artist, he spills the beans on the reality of collating a team, organising  a shoot in precarious scenarios (like being shot at!) and provides inspiration aplenty.

Roger Ballen returns to round up on where he left us in issue 10, Vol.1. The Asylum Of The Birds is now in the public domain and no longer in Roger’s (unsettled) head.

Sean Bobbit talks with our very own Chris Patmore about all things cinematography, working with Steve McQueen for a decade, and the tribulations of archiving between analogue and digital formats.

Ted Giffords Gives us the lowdown on working as a BBC freelance filmmaker. Working on projects such as Frozen Planet, Planet Earth.

Lots more besides – GET YOUR COPY HERE.


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Vol: two, Issue: 2