Volume 2, Issue 4

In this issue, the last in Volume 2, you’ll find our current selection of visual, visceral treats as we catch up with Peter Dench as he relays his [now infamous] diary. In this issue, Peter dodges bejewelled butt plugs, contemplates the likelihood of home cooked meals and reflects on the first ever Hungry Eye: Exposed event.

Peter appears here a second time, in the shape of his latest, ‘in conversation’ piece, where he spends time with photographer and filmmaker Brian Griffin and elsewhere in the issue we catch up with British documentary and Magnum photographer, Martin Parr, where we explore the film work from his series, ‘Black Country’.

We talk with Claire Oakley, winner of the 2012 Film London ‘Best of Boroughs’ award about her latest two directorial outings, ‘James’ and ‘Tracks’ whilst Chris Patmore converses with cinematographic pioneer Joan Churchill about drugs, music and ‘making it’ in a largely male dominated world.

Rock & roll photographer Tom Oldham lifts the lid on his latest love affair with the Hasselblad HD5c and Dave Kai Piper comprehensively hosts a discussion on the importance and implications of social media in today’s world, working as a lens smith.

Lastly, and taken from our cover shot, the latest instalment of our focus on the growth of analogue technology. This time, Toby Mason from London and Hodaka Yamamoto (also known as Hodachrome) from Gifu, Japan, offer up the fruits from a recent ‘film soup’ project.

All of this and our reviews of the best books in this issue’s Library – Scorsese’s retrospective, a view into the future of fashion photography and much more.

Already we’re planning our next series, which will be kicking off with an extra special treat for regular readers and newbies alike. Can’t say too much here but make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter, or subscribed to make sure that you don’t miss the news.








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