Hungry Eye Quiz:
Photographer & Educator
Jonathan Worth

Jonathan Worth

UK based photographer, innovative communicator and lecturer  Jonathan Worth is known for creative and imaginative approach to social media and photographic education. Despite his busy schedule he managed to fit in some time to take a look at the Hungry Eye Quiz and comes up with a serious of informed answers. Over to you Jonathan…

How would you describe yourself?
A post-photographer. Although last tax-year I earned over 50% of my income from talking, teaching and writing about photography, so it may be more appropriate to refer to myself as a ‘wanna-be’ post-photographer.

What are you currently working on?
Today;  blog post for the Guardian and a talk for Google and Creative Commons. This week; more for the MA course in post-photography that I wrote for CoventryUniversity and a new photo-project. This month; an ongoing project with heptathlete Jessica Ennis. Ongoing; editorial pitching and editorial commissions.

What are you looking at for inspiration?
Twitter and Geeks. In that order.

What four words describe your work most accurately?
Conversations, with, inspiring, people.

How do you want people to feel when they see your work?
Engaged and included. That’s the same of my pictures, stories and classes.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?
If it hurts then it’s probably doing you some good.” That won’t be as appropriate for everyone and it was meant as advice to a young and aspiring athlete but in all honesty, it’s the advice I return to most often. The more uncomfortable an idea the more I revisit and try to resolve it. It’s too easy to take a reductionist view of the world and dismiss notions that might at first seem alien and irreconcilable.

What’s next?

Jonathan Worth is a Hungry Eye Editor at Large