Hungry Eye Quiz:
Fiona Hayes Creative Director
Russian Vogue

Moscow based creative director Fiona Hayes is at the helm of Russian Vogue and a passionate supporter of both photographers and photography through her commissioning and her personal project ‘Day Four’ . Despite her busy schedule she managed to fit in some time take a look at the Hungry Eye Quiz and comes up with a serious of reveling answers. Over to you Fiona…

How would you describe yourself?
Irish art director who’s never worked in Ireland.

What are you currently working on?
Russian Vogue, the September issue, plus our iPad app which launches in a few weeks, creating the independent photography magazine “DayFour” which is a ‘Modern Love’ issue. As well as working on whilst figuring out how to street blog in a post-Soviet society and a random design blog I’ve just started for myself.

What are you looking at for inspiration?
Early 90s magazines. David Carson’s “Beach Culture”, “Moda” and “King” from Italy. And odd stuff I see on the streets of Moscow. You see a lot of odd stuff on the streets of Moscow.

What four words describe your work most accurately?
Depends on the job.

How do you want people to feel when they see your work?
As an art director, you should really want people to look through your work to the images you’re showcasing and story you’re telling. But ‘beautiful’ is always nice.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?
Always know how to change the toner and where the printer paper is kept.

What’s next?
A photography publication to celebrate Moscow’s new Bolshoi Theatre. It has been closed for renovation for six years, and finally reopens in October. We are producing a ‘Ballet in Vogue’ special edition, which will feature dance-related art from the beginning of the 20th century right up to today. Ballet is a big part of Vogue’s history, internationally, and of course it is a cornerstone of Russian culture. This year in Russian Vogue we’ve already run an 18-page fashion story shot by Jason Schmidt at the Marinsky in St Petersburg, a shoot with prima ballerina Alina Somova, and another with choreographer Nacho Duato, and we have shoots coming up with Patrick Demarchelier and Mark Seliger.