The New Rotolight NEO 2, The Launch That Blew Our Minds

On Monday 4th September, Rotolight launched the NEO 2. We were lucky enough to attend the launch and witness first hand, the arrival of their incredible new light!

The Hungry Eye team have always been a fan of Rotolight and their innovative mindset. We just knew they were going to unveil something great, we just didn’t know how great.

We arrived at Pinewood studios at 9:45am, in the company of the usual photographic industry press elite. We were ushered into the theatre at 10am where Rod Gammons, the Managing Director of Rotolight started the presentation. We were informed that the whole event would be streamed live to the world via social media and then Rod began to introduce us to the NEO 2. Of course we are familiar with the NEO 1 so of course we were excited to see how Rotolight’s new creation was going to better an already phenomenal product.

Rob Gammons introduces the NEO 2 to the world.



Here is a video introducing the NEO 2 –

Here’s a list of some of the main tech specs:

• 85% brighter in constant light mode than NEO 1
• Updated suite of CineSFX effects, including fire, lightning, TV, gunshot, paparazzi and more
• High Speed Sync (HSS) Flash (1/8000th sec.)
• Zero recycle time
• 500% flash output
• Integrated Elinchrom ‘Skyport’ 2.4Ghz HSS wireless flash receiver
• Wireless control of up to 10 lights, in four groups, at up to 200m (656ft) away
• Simultaneously constant (modeling) light and HSS flash
• Electronically adjustable color temperature in both flash and constant light modes
• 85,000 full power flashes on a single set of rechargeable AA batteries (compared to 200 flashes on a typical speedlight)

Whist all of these incredible features were sinking in, we were blessed with to demonstrations from Simeon Quarrie and Jason Lanier.

Jason starts first, he says: “I love the fact that you can change the white balance on camera, also the fact that the flash is so seamless, never missing a moment. It’s just critical. We’ve all missed moments but not anymore.”

Jason also finds it liberating that there is such and ‘all-in-one’ option.

When we talk about power, what do we have to do to that light to make it pleasing? We take a big light and then defuse it. Its not about having the most amount of light, its about having the right amount of light.

Jason Lanier talks at the Rotolight NEO 2 launch at Pinewood studios.

Here is a video if Jason reviewing the NEO 2 pre launch –

Simeon is up next. He shows us special features like the flashing siren and how to light a subject with three lights. He loves the creative control of shifting and shaping the light. This makes his life easier when documenting things on the go. Having the light on the camera, being able to turn it up so bright and have the option to use such great built in special effects.

“Its the ability to have flexibility, creative control and freedom that the NEO 2 brings.”

Simeon Quarrie shows us how to light a subject in many different ways.

So after hearing everyone else talk about it, what did we think of the NEO 2?

Hungry Eye Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Luke Woodford says: “There are so many fantastic features  that I adore about the NEO 2. The thing that is the biggest game changer for me is the fact that you can choose between continuous and fashion on the same light on top of your camera is a game changer. It minimises the amount of gear you have to have with you and is superbly convenient. Also, the fact that the flash is so seamless and doesn’t black out is so important for event and high speed shooters in general.”

We left the launch feeling excited that a brand is truly innovating and bringing so much to the table with every release. Rod told us that the idea for the flash has been in the pipeline for about a year. We look forward to seeing what the Rotolight team come up with in another years time!

The NEO 2 is available for £300 inc VAT and can be purchased directly from the Rotolight website here.