Prime Circle Lenses:
Cine Style Shooting
with DSLR

Prime Circle

Prime CircleLenses: Affordable Cine-Style Lenses with Nikon F-Mount

Prime Circle Lenses has combined the quality of great still-photography lenses with the technical capability of cinematography prime lenses to provide a new dimension for shooting moving image.

In the last few years, the evolution of HDSLR has provided more options to use the Nikon F-Mount. The PRIME CIRCLE XT-F project was conceived from a vision for shooting movies with the latest Nikon DSLR cameras.

Until now, cost effective film lenses have not been available, with the only options being still- photography lenses with unsuitable mechanical movements, or expensive cinematography  prime lenses.


 Cine-Mod of  ZF.2 world class optics by Carl Zeiss.  Built by the most advanced technology and manufacturing  for still photography and tuned-up to reach improved functionality and cine-style shooting ergonomics the optics offer  incredible sharpness, contrast and colour matching between all lens sizes plus a magical bokeh Digital sensors feel more cinematic with this  set of lenses

 PRIME CIRCLE XT-F  lenses series design has an  ultra-lightweight Ergo-Focus gear for follow-focus, featuring  an extra-grip ergonomic ring when using the camera on the run.  In hand-held focus mode (or still photo mode), a Front Mount 95mm standard (all the lens sizes)  ring-mount for matte-boxes and cine-style accessories,

PRIME-CIRCLE XT-F Front Mount is designed to match exactly the ZF.2 lenses and the circular grooves offers the best  solution to prevent internal reflections and flares when using large flat surface optical filters in matte-boxes.

PRIME-CIRCLE XT-F Front-Mount is designed to offer full-frame 24X36mm coverage with ZF.2 18mm f/3,5. and 15mm f/2,8

The  X-Circle F-Mount stainless steel heavy-duty bayonet features “Side Index View” for focus and aperture scales on the side (cine-style) of the lens barrel and the sophisticated  F-Mount Cine-Lock Bayonet for  cine-style locking of the lens on the camera.

PRIME-CIRCLE  XT-F are custom mounted ZF.2 lenses offering “in-house” assembling  by professional and passionate technicians.

The XT-F Custom Series has a “Side Code Barrel” displaying with clear graphics, the lens size for immediate coding of the lens mounted on the camera.

Aperture ring de-click and dampening  for  a  “shift on the fly” manual exposure control.  Also aperture simulator ring on the camera has “no interference” innovative design.

An aluminium custom cap with enhanced graphics for front  lens size coding and rear professional lens cap is supplied with the lens.

PRIME CIRCLE XT-F Custom Lens focal lengths:  2,8/15mm 3,5/18mm, 2,8/21mm,  2,0/25mm, 2.0/28mm, 1,4/35mm, 1,4/50mm,

1,4/85mm, 2,0/100mm Macro, 2,0 50mm Macro  (coming  soon the Apochromatic 2,0/135mm)
By Graeme Sanderson