The Hungry Eye Team


Lee has been at the forefront of Life Media Group and publishing for almost twenty years. During this time he has become a respected and highly experienced figure within the photographic retail industry as well as being responsible for expanding LMG’s publishing expertise into the health, business and travel arenas. Lee remains involved in all of LMG’s activities and is continuing to ensure that LMG remains at the forefront of brand communication through all printed and digital platforms.



Clare has been with LMG for sixteen years and has worked across all departments within LMG during this time. She is now responsible for the accounts department and works alongside the Managing Director dealing with the day to day running of the business.



Amy began her career with LMG in 2014 and now works across six of LMG’s titles; Pixel Magazine, Inspired Travel, Sussex Business Times, WallpaperDirect, Brewers Home Brochure and Hungry Eye Journal. She began her education in Media by attaining her BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production at Sussex Downs College, which lead to work experience here at LMG. Amy plays the biggest part in ensuring Hungry Eye Journal meets the high expectations of our loyal and dedicated readership.



At 23 years old, Luke randomly picked up a camera in the summer of 2008. He has since tried his ever creative hand at fashion photography after discovering a fantastic Designer in Brighton called Kevin Freeman. Luke quickly realised that he wasn’t destined to shoot a commercial style with fancy lighting but instead wished to create art with big dresses using the natural light. Luke now makes up one half of the creative duo, Luke and Mandy and spends his time travelling and creating art in any and every way their journey takes them – shooting for brands and magazines across the world. Luke ensures that Hungry Eye Journal features only the best content, photographers and filmmakers in the world!


EDITOR – JESS SAUNDERS / 01323 819019

Jess started her career at Life Media Group in July 2016 and now works as Editor across five of LMG’s titles; Sussex Business Times, Inspired Travel, Pixel, Hungry Eye Journal and Your Pet Online. Prior to joining the LMG team, she earned A Levels in English Language and Photography and went on to complete an BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production at Sussex Downs College. Jess plays a main part in transcribing interviews, checking over and of course, editing all content to ensure we provide you the very best journal in the filmmaking and photographic industry.


SALES – JON DAWSON / 01323 819017

Jon started his sales career at On Par where he looked after marketing for golf clubs, building up client relationships with the club and local professional businesses. He joined Life Media Group in April 2017 and now runs the commercial side of Sussex Business Times magazine, where he sells advertising space, builds up and forms client relationships and raises the brand’s overall success.



Linda has worked in publishing for over forty years. She began her career with the Mirror Group Newspapers before moving onto IPC Magazines, Maxwell Publications and finally GMC Publications. She joined Life Media Group in 2000 and currently oversees the subscriptions for all magazines.




Hakim Boulouiz

Hakim is a Professional Photographer and an Expert in Urban aesthetics with a multidisciplinary training. He currently lives and works in Switzerland.  He is fascinated by order and disorder of cities. He is looking to tell stories around poetry, complexity, mystery and emotion by using all the layers involveding the construction of Urban Drama such as colors, light, shadow, prints, walls and bodies.

Jon Edwards

Hungry Eye Journal is thrilled to have award winning Director of Photography and Zeiss Ambassador as a part of the team, specialising in high-end creative, commercial and branded content for clients across the world.