Hungry Eye Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Luke Woodford reviews one of Tenba’s backpack as he travels around Europe…

DA9769AD-87DB-4BB2-8DDC-D578BC83FE15I’ve been excited about this review for a while. When I met the guys from Tenba, the first point they mentioned was that of how durable the bag was. Of course as a photographer with my next quest fast approaching, the first thing I thought was, what better way to properly test the bag itself than to take it on a 48-hour, 800-mile trip around Europe visiting various abandoned buildings for an epic fashion shoot?

When seeing a bag for the first time I’ll always give it a once-over and with this bag in particular, I fell in love instantly. The main compartment sits at the back and has ample room for all the gear you would expect to fit in a decent-sized backpack. The side pockets are spacious, even allowing for some tripods to fit neatly inside. The included lens cleaner was a great touch, and I loved the memory card wallet, which fits inside it ten SD cards and is attached to one of the bottom side pockets. Nothing puts your mind at ease more than knowing your valuable cards are safe and sound. The bag boasted a great look and I was impressed from the second I laid eyes on it. Physically it felt like one of the most robust bags I’d come across, and by the minute I was becoming more and more eager to embark upon my adventure with the Tenba.

The day came around very quickly, I loaded all of my precious gear into the bag and set off. I can genuinely say that I have never before had the pleasure of such a comfortable bag, and as someone who travels regularly I can’t tell you what a blessing it was! Not only are the straps the most comfortable ever, but the bag itself is surprisingly light, adding no weight to the gear. It’s also very well made. Over the 48 hours, I took the bag on a journey through France and into abandoned hospitals, chateaus, churches and swimming pools. At one of the locations in particular I came into contact with barbed wire, lots of glass and copious amounts of pigeon poop. It was without fail one of the most rigorous trips I had completed in a very long time and I was astounded by how well the bag held up under such extreme conditions – with just a wipe over the bag looked as good as new.

All in all, I just can’t fault this bag – from space and comfort to design, it has everything and more! Thank you, Tenba for creating this beauty!

For more information on this bag please visit the Wex Photographic website.