The Dench Dozen on the BBC

BBC Picture Editor, Phil Coomes has shared his enthusiasm for Hungry Eye’s very own The Dench Dozen book. His article reads:

Photography is a visual medium that connects the viewer with the subject through the eyes of the photographer and that magic black box.
It’s unique in many ways, but the power the photographer wields in how the subject is represented should not be underestimated and is what makes the stories of those behind the lens so fascinating.
Photographer Peter Dench, known for his powerful and humorous take on the human condition, has recently published a collection of interviews he has conducted with a number of leading photographers.
Delving behind the camera to see what makes them tick, Dench reveals how they have made an impact on the photographic world.
“All of the photographers featured have shaped me in some way; sometimes professionally, more often personally,” said Dench.
Dench writes that photography has always been a solitary profession, but once digital took hold there was no need to head to the laboratory where photographers would often meet, hanging around for their prints to come off the line.
To combat that loss, Dench sought out other photographers, sometimes staying with them in their homes, other times just chatting over a pint.
The resulting interviews are more a discussion, a collaboration between the two of them.

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