The Impossible Summer

It’s a hot out there and people are capturing moments everywhere they go. Recently our Luke & Mandy went for a well earned rest on the Italian coast. They decided to capture their moments on the Impossible Metallic Film.


“This film completely suits the summer vibe, it’s just vibrant and fresh. The thing we loved the most was that it was a complete surprise of what colour was coming next. It’s quirky things like that which make Impossible the incredible and innovative brand they are.”


“These two images were taken whilst relaxing on a summers evening at our hotel in Bacoli, playing with reflections in the sunlight. The random selections of the purple and green frames compliment the colours of these two images.”



“We found this cute tunnel down the road from our hotel that we just couldn’t resist.”



“For Luke’s love of abandoned buildings, we just had to visit this abandoned Mill in Sorrento. It was completely magnificent, surrounded by a bustling city but the structure itself so calm and tranquil.”


“This last image was captured whilst on a relaxing stroll around the city. We saw this amazing light and couldn’t resist capturing it.”



You can purchase the metallic film here along with all of their other incredible creations.

Images by Luke & Mandy –