The Leica SOFORT: Premium Instant Photography From the Premium Brand

Leica, have today announced the arrival of one of the worst-kept secrets in recent photo-launch history, the SOFORT instant camera

Leica Sofort_Orange_front-off
The Leica SOFORT in Orange


In the press release that landed today, Leica have stated that the SOFORT is: “Different from other instant cameras in many ways, the inimitable, timeless style of the Leica SOFORT was created specially by the Leica design team in Germany, uniting the retro-modern magic of instant photography with the renowned quality and originality of the Leica brand”.

We love instant photography here at Hungry Eye and this, indeed, looks like a camera that offers numerous modes and options: Auto, Party & People, Sport & Action and Macro, as well as creative programmes for multiple and timed exposures.

In addition, the Leica SOFORT offers a special mode for self-portraits, as well as a self-timer with two different time delay settings. The new camera automatically adapts its settings, such as the exposure time and aperture, to the mode selected by the user.

The new SOFORT fro Leica takes advantage of available light for as long as possible when shooting in automatic mode, without triggering the built-in flash. This results in photographs with a more natural  look. The flash can be left on auto setting, or it can be switched on or off, depending on the nature of the pictures you’re looking to achieve.


Leica Sofort_Mint_left
The new Leica SOFORT in Mint!


Leica and selfies! 

The Leica SOFORT features a rectangular mirror on the front of the camera, promising users the ability  to get the perfect self-portrait every time. In addition, with the Leica SOFORT, the focusing distance can be set independently from the selected programme mode. Depending on the standard or long distance setting, and the mode chosen, this allows even more creative freedom when shooting with the camera


And in white
And in white



The Leica SOFORT Photo Album is a classic format for sharing memories, and keeping them safe, while the Leica SOFORT Storage Boxes (sets of three) in mint/black, white/black and orange/black combinations make a perfect solution for storing precious pictures or giving them as gifts. Each set of boxes contains all three colours.


Pricing and availability

The Leica SOFORT instant camera in a choice of white, orange and mint is scheduled to be available from November 2016, at a suggested retail price of £215 including VAT.

Accessories and consumables:

LEICA SOFORT colour film pack (10) – £9.50

LEICA SOFORT colour film double pack (20) – £15.50

LEICA SOFORT monochrome film pack (10) – £11.00

LEICA SOFORT black or brown case – £24.00

LEICA SOFORT strap (black/white, mint, orange) – £15.00

LEICA SOFORT postcards (3 piece set) – £8.00

LEICA SOFORT box set (3 piece set) – £8.00

LEICA SOFORT photo album – £20.00

LEICA SOFORT photo presenter – £16.00

Leica Sofort_group image





The Leica SOFORT: Premium Instant Photography From the Premium Brand