Tried and Tested: ONA “Beacon” Lens Pouch

Here, Hungry Eye Journal reviews “The Beacon” lens case from ONA

Sometimes you don’t want to have to lug around a large camera bag with all your gear in. Sometimes you need to travel light and just have a spare lens and filters with you. Especially for urban exploring, or having a change of lens handy on a busy, low budget film set. And it was for these reasons that we were interested in trying out the new lens case “The Beacon” from ONA.

First impressions? Well it is a very smart design, made from robust materials and with heavy-duty zips. Inside you’ll find excellent padding and 3 moveable, padded dividers. There is also an “accessory pouch” but it wasn’t clear how or why this was to be used. It also comes with a comfortable shoulder strap as an added bonus. The ballistic nylon is very heavy-duty and there would be no worries about lenses getting damaged.

Photo: Mandy Woodford

It is sized to hold 2 professional still lenses, or 4 cheap, small lenses, but would you be buying this if you only had cheap lenses? We could even squeeze a Canon 70-200mm lens in, although it was a tight fit with the tripod mount ring on.

On the film set, it was the perfect way to keep the two most used lenses right by our side. This saved a lot of time whenever we had to change lenses. It was also very useful when shooting in small spaces, keeping valuable lenses out of harm’s way from all the crew moving around. And also saving the crew from having to climb over a large camera bag!

Photo: Mandy Woodford

Compact camera bodies will also fit in which is a nice bonus. I’ll also note that at one point the Beacon fell into mud, the contents were unscathed and completely protected.

I can highly recommend it for keeping two lenses safe in even the roughest environments.

Typical UK price £149

Review by Antony Meadley.