Just six weeks until the Red Bull Illume submissions close for 2016

The window closes shortly for photographers to enter Red Bull’s action and adventure sports photography competition

© Frode Sandbech / Red Bull Illume

© Frode Sandbech / Red Bull Illume

There are just six weeks left before submissions close for Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2016, Red Bull’s action and adventure sports photography competition. Photographers have until March 31, 2016 to submit their shots for a chance to be part of this competition.

There are 11 categories in the comp: Close Up, Energy, Enhance, Lifestyle, Masterpiece by Yodobashi, New Creativity, Playground, Sequence by SonySpirit, Wings and the new addition: Mobile. The inclusion of a Mobile category allows smartphone and tablet photographers to enter and share the shots which may be hidden on their mobile devices.

Head over to redbullillume.com and check out the full list of categories.

The images will be judged by a panel of 50 photo editors, who will select the 55 best shots, including the 11 Category Winners and then, the Overall Winner.


© George Karbus / Red Bull Illume

© George Karbus / Red Bull Illume

“I am fascinated how action and adventure sports photographers are able to create beautiful images in difficult environments,” says Amber Matsumoto, Red Bull Illume Judge and photography and multimedia manager at Yahoo Sports. “Contests like Red Bull Illume give the public the opportunity to really appreciate the art that these photographers are creating.”

Once judging is complete, the finalist images will be unveiled at the Red Bull Illume Winner Award Ceremony in the autumn of 2016, before traveling to capitals and cultural hubs across the world as part of a unique nighttime photo exhibition. More details about the Winner Award Ceremony, unveiling and tour will be announced on redbullillume.com in the coming months.


© Clark Fyans / Red Bull Illume

Thousands of images have already been submitted from photographers all over the world. However, the Red Bull Illume team is keen to ensure that great images aren’t left sitting idle on hard drives and laptops and encourage all photographers to find and enter any overlooked shots. There are six weeks left until submissions close, so there’s still time to head out and capture that winning image!

When all is said and done, the various winners will walk away with amazing photographic prizes, including some of the latest cameras and photography accessories. If the combination of prizes, worldwide exposure and the exhibition tour isn’t enough motivation, have a look at the inspiring stories on redbullillume.com to find out how the contest transformed the careers of former finalists and winners.

Visit redbullillume.com to find out more about judges, prizes, rules, categories and entry details.

© Benjamin Ginsberg / Red Bull Illume

© Benjamin Ginsberg / Red Bull Illume









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